Shoes gets to heaven!

Shoes gets to heaven!

Like many, the death of Lesiba John Moshoeu left me crestfallen. But in keeping with tradition @The_Obzeva, the need to find a profoundly comforting perspective drove me to try my hand at fiction.  I hate writing fiction; because somehow it does not feel right. But sometimes a man has to give up his principles and do the right thing. 

So here goes.

He saw him walking slowly towards the pearly gates, and for once he could not believe his eyes.  He hastily paged through the Book of Life to confirm his arrival, and there was his name –  Lesiba John Moshoeu, 21 April 2015 – 15h00.

His face awash with disappointment St. Peter removed his hat as if to acknowledge his presence, and from his glowing robe he extends his wrinkled arm as he motioned Shoes to walk through the big brown wooden door a few paces behind gates.

Because no words were exchanged, Shoes was a bit confused about here where he was. But the absence of pain from his body’s left his mind so preoccupied, that the fact that he was literally walking on a cloud, was yet to register.

 He stretched his arm to open the door. But before he could touch the door handle, the wooden door swung open and the tall figure of Henry Cele appeared from behind the door. Realising who had arrived, “the black cat” pumped his fist with joy. And beneath his breath he said “Oh, thank you. He made it.”

Not wanting to ruin the suprise, he moved to the left to make way for Shoes to walk into the room.

When he looked up. Shoes’ eyes locked with those of Sizwe Motaung, who like, Cele was walking out to find something. Struggling to contain his excitement, Sizwe turned to tap the shoulder of Nick Sishweni. Who was facing the wall, zoned out as he was going though his warm-up routine.

“Bazuka, Bazuka! Bona” Sizwe said.

Sishweni annoyed at this disturbance, turns around ready to give Motaung a piece of his mind. Only to be disarmed by the shocked look on Shoes’ face.  “What?” Sishweni exclaimed “You? Here?”

Sishweni’s shocked questioning caught the attention of Samuel “Ewee” Khambule, who was left frozen from his pre-match ritual of applying copious amounts of wintergreen to his masculine legs so as to leave them glistening. Khambule nudges the player next to him with his elbow and says in a laughing voice “eh, Shakes! Shakes! You were right, look who’s here!”

Shakes Kungwane jumps to his feet, and says “Ngishilo, man! Ngishilo ngathi siya shoda!” From the opposite corner Banda Lebese says “take that jersey off and give it to him, and stop making a noise.”

Almost immediately Thomas Madigage gets up from his bench, takes his starry cap off and says “where’re my boots? Let’s do this thing.” And in unison, Bennett Masinga and Ace Ntsoeleng start clapping their hand leading the entire change room to a euphoric standing ovation to welcome Shoooooooes!

Back in the corner, Eddie Lewis says to Solomon Morewa “Bra Stix, now my team is complete.”

“I agree.” Bra Stix replies. “And with a bench like Manyathela, Leremi, Ngobese, Meyiwa and those Henyekane boys. God help whoever you are playing against.”

Off course if the whole thing was a dream, it would end with the sound of Mzione Mofokeng and the #EllisPark43’s vuvuzela syncopation with Oom Dan Setshedi and Champ Ramogoebo’s voices in commentary.

Just Imagine!

May his soul rest in ever lasting peace Lesiba John “Shoes” Moshoeu – Gone far too soon!

The Tempest Prognosticator

Themba A Dikgale.

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