Jobodwana takes bronze at the World Champs

Jobodwana takes bronze at the World Champs

They say you can only achieve excellence if you enjoy what you are doing. This may sound like a cliché, but one look at Anaso Jobodwana as he takes the curve in a 200m race is enough to vanquish all doubt.

South Africa’s Anaso Jobodwana took bronze behind Jamaica’s Usain Bolt and the US’s Justin Gatlin as he dipped under 20 seconds for the first time to take the bronze medal in the 200m final at the world championships in Beijing last week.

Jobodwana’s personal best of 19.87 seconds set a new South African record, to erase Wayde v Niekerk’s 19.94s (Bolt, 19.55s and Gatlin 19.74s).  His performance became one of the greatest short distance sprints in the country’s history.

In response to a question about his performance Anaso attributed the result to Usain Bolt when he said that, “the race is always elevated when Bolt is in the race. It’s a great thing just feeling the power of the world record holder.”

With these developments the stage is surely set for an assault on Frankie Frederick’s 19.68 seconds African record set at the Atlanta Olympic Games almost two decades ago.

His energy spent, van Niekerk collapsed after the race and had to be stretchered off for medical attention just as a precautionary measure.

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