Mosimane chats to us after Ajax win

Mosimane chats to us after Ajax win

Q: First of all before we start talking about the game, you reaction to the fans shouting they want you out?

PM: I don’t react. I react to the fans on the other side.  That we went to, and were clapping hands, singing and calling my name on the other side. Okay, on this side I don’t react. I’ll leave it to God.

Q: Let’s be honest, it was not all of them chanting. It was just a few.

PM: No,no,no! The majority of the supporters of Sundowns are that side. And, and, and praising us, and calling my name, singing my name that side.  The minority is this side, but what can I do? I found it like this here by the way.

Q: Two cups in two seasons coach, surely this protest is absurd?

PM: Four months back, four months back, four months back we won a cup. Four months back we won a cup.

Q:  That’s what we are saying coach, it doesn’t make sense. Two cups in two seasons, including the league and as you have said…

PM: I am the longest serving coach here, two and half years.  The longest serving coach here, two and half years.

Q: Coach don’t you think this calls for education to educate fans about behavior and so on?

PM: You know coach can’t fight the supporters. Coach must concentrate on the game. Coach must concentrate on the players. And my boys tonight, they scored three goals against a team that just won the TOP 8, and second on the log. And the last time we were here we played a team that is sitting top of the log, and we scored four goals here.  So really, I really…That’s my focus. And I focus on that. And Sundowns is strong, Sundowns is a good team. I focus on my next match against Cosmos. I focus on my next match against Polokwane and Celtics.  Sundowns has the capacity to win those games.

Q: Given the start that you had, I am sure you must be relieved to have Laffour scored that late winner to get the 3 points?

PM: But if you can check, it’s not the first time.  In the last five ten minutes here, there is a goal. Against Wits there was two, against Wits here. In the last five to ten minutes there is always a goal here.  So Laffour came in, he is a super-sub he scored a brilliant goal.  Against WITS he came in as a super-sub , he gave Teko a goal to score. But on our side what we need to fix, me as a coach; is to fix the set pieces.  Today two set pieces, a throw-in is a set piece by the way. Set pieces goal. Penalty goal. Golden arrows, set piece, goal.  Against eh, eh MP Aces we lost 1-0 what? Set piece, goal. Against eh, eh, mxm, Bloemfontein Celtics in the Top 8. Set piece, goal. Okay. I need to work on set pieces, and try and stop that. But the rest, there’s goal. Sundowns’ got goal.

Q: You think that why you are not keeping a clean sheet?

PM: That’s why we are not keeping a clean sheet.  We need to work a little bit harder, harder, on our set pieces. The last time against Gold Arrows, we did well. You know? It’s a process, and it’s a learning curve. And it’s very difficult for us, uh. It’s very difficult for a coach, penalty, goal. Every week penalty? I am not saying they were not penalties, you must remember that. Huh. I am not questioning any referee.

Q:  The other time you said in the two seasons, you have always been starting slow. Do you think this is …

PM: We are five points behind the top of the log. We have come back from 13 points, we came back from 11 points last year we reduced it to five. And I think my team can win the next match against Cosmos, I think my team can win the next match against Polokwane City, I think my team can win the next match against Bloemfontein Celtics, it’s ok, hey. It’s football. You, you, you can’t expect to be loved by everybody. I have got my team; I have got my players, my boys fought for me. You could have seen when we scored, you know? It’s beautiful, that’s what we focus on.  But the rest what am I gonna do about that? You know what I am trying to say?  It’s very difficult for us as coaches. And I want to say to Steve Komphela, “you must hang in there”.  It’s very tough for us as local coaches. Tinkler must hang in there. Bra Shakes must hang in there. It is tough for us, life is tough for us. But you know God is there, we can overcome.

Q: But coach what do you tell your fans at this point, surely there is a message that you need to be sending out there, I mean like you said five points…

PM: I need to focus on the fans on the other side.

Q: No but what do you say to the small faction of fans in this side.

PM: I say to the other fans, there is goals here.  If you score four goals against Wits. And three against Ajax, number 1 and number 2 in the league. So there are goals here, and I have seen goals. Sundowns for the last two years I have been here, we have been the top goal scorers in the league. Last year we were one or two goals behind. I think Pirates beat us by one or two goals. We are scoring, we play forward, we try to win. Who scored more goals here? It was difficult against Golden Arrows, we played ten against eleven. But it was like eleven against eleven. At one stage in the last six minutes I played 9 against eleven, we still tried to win.

Q: Overall are you happy with the performance of the team?

PM: Ah, three goals. Three goals against Ajax. Four goals against Wits. I am not happy with my team? No the boys fighting for me. The boys are fighting for the club. And we can win the league by the way neh? We have the opportunity to win the league.

Q: Do you think the score line is a true reflection of the game?

PM: We could have won buy more goals, but must give respect to Ajax. It was very difficult to play against Nathan Paulse, he torments everybody. And he is very good on penalties. Its very difficult. This is the team that beat Chiefs.  This is the team that beat Pirates. This is the team that beat Wits. Excuse me heh? We beat them, heh, we beat them.

Q: The reaction of the entire team when Laffour scored the winner.

PM: It’s unbelievable, the boys. You know what we are playing motivational video’s and everything. To say for us to win, we need to work more harder, and what we need – Luck follows hard work. God is great, there third goal.

Q: Coach give us something on Leo, what did you see?

PM: Ja, he is not very fit. We gave him, he can only play about twenty or thirty minutes. We introduced him. And you must also understand. In situations like this, it is also important to introduce players slowly. We only bought three players this year. We need to introduce them slowly, and give them the time. They will come. Schutt when he started here, he didn’t start very well. I don’t know if you remember.  And then who was the best after? Mbesuma didn’t start very well at Chiefs. Before he scored 26 or 27 goals, he didn’t start well.  Musona didn’t start well when he started at Chiefs. The next year he was scoring goals. So those are life lessons u get from football. But anyway the team won three goals, ehh, against Ajax three!

Thanks coach

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