Komphela closes the deal and then buys it back.

Komphela closes the deal and then buys it back.

In the automotive industry there is a saying which goes – “some Sales Executives will sell a car and then buy it back from the customer.”

By this they mean, he will do the work. He will pitch the car, explains the unique selling points, takes you on a test drive. He will even convince you that you can afford the monthly instalments at an exorbitant interest rate, while robbing you blind on the trade in.

And then once you are convinced to buy the car, when you are ready to sign on the dotted line. He starts telling you the technical faults of the car, that the next model is due next month, how the resale value doesn’t hold – basically convinces you to back out of the sale. So he buys it back.

Steve Komphela is exactly that – as soon as he starts winning a couple of games he gives away the game plan in the post-match interviews. Last season he basically gave the modus operandi for his successful Q1 campaign away in the post-match interview before the MTN 8 final. Ajax Cape Town prepared for exactly that, and he lost.

One would have thought he learnt. But No!

This weekend, he wins his second match in row in I don’t know how many moons , and he starts again with this bad habit.

Just listen to this clip, I recorded off SuperSports TV Chanel 204 when he spoke to Robert Marawa after the 2-0 victory against Maritzburg United at FNB Stadium, and you will see what I mean.

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