Single Out: King Monada ft. DJ Dino’s “Ska Bhora Moreki”

Single Out: King Monada ft. DJ Dino’s “Ska Bhora Moreki”

King Monada ft. DJ Dino’s “Ska Bhora Moreki” is fast becoming a club banger all over Mzansi. This titbit of urban Limpopo arts is unexpectedly poised to give Babe Wodumo’s Wololo a run for its money for the song played at the stroke of midnight come New Year’s Eve.

At first, one could dismiss this tune for another inconsequential gimmick, but King Monada’s message in this song is enough to catch people’s attention as he deals with a topic all too familiar to party animals all over the country.

The nomenclature is largely determine by where you come from, but whether you call them Skollies, Sponger’s, Parasites, Groupies, Hangers-on who leach off other people instead of paying their way, are a constant feature in turn-up politics – if there is such a thing.

Nonetheless, the lyrics in the song are delivered in the North Sotho dialect of seTokwa, in which the singer speaks to the incumbent etiquette of the Freeloader. “Ska Bhora Moreki” translated “do not irritate the buyer” is basically requesting the Parasites to know their place, and conduct themselves in the subservient manner befitting someone in need of favours. In short, “wear the Skivvy designation with pride, damn it.”

The arrangement features a sound reminiscent to Joe Shirimane’s kwaito days of “Moloma Notshi” laced with the electronic adaptions to produce that sound akin to the kasi mid-week stokvel scene. However like the slaughtered chicken, it is a sound claimed by many but owned by none as it is a sound attributable to bedroom producers all over the country.

So just in case you misunderstood the lyrical content, in comes the customary monologue. I say customary, because normally songs in this genre normally have a monologue, which serves to provide context for the song itself.  If you can think of song like Sister Bethina, you will see that the monologue is key for without it we might miss the innuendo.

King Monada sums up the song in nothing more than a conversational three lines while closing the monologue off with some shout outs to some people, including DJ Dino, who were no doubt had a role in putting together this master piece.

Furthermore, he goes on to gives us some insights into himself as an artist. King Monada is actually King Monatlana, translated chicken foot. You have to wonder how someone ends up with stage name like King Chicken foot?

I suppose we have to wait until we hear more of his work to get more insights into that. Until then Ska bhora moreki!

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