Single Out: Future Majesties ft Tamlyn G “Chasing You”

Single Out: Future Majesties ft Tamlyn G “Chasing You”

It is true what they say, excellence resides in the most unexpected of combinations. Call it chance, serendipity or providence but the unexpected combination of house duo Future Majesties and vocalist Tamlyn G produced the song ‘Chasing You;’ a dance number which will long linger in many a house-heads’ souls for many moons to come.

With youtube videos galore, there is no question that Tamlyn G is, at heart, a very soulful singer. But her time working with an array of producers has certainly assisted her in finding the ability to adapt herself as the situation demands. Having worked with the likes of Euphonik and Kris J in Strength of a Woman, Tamlyn G is no stranger to the high pace of contemporary dance music.

The arrangement on “Chasing You” has a piano melody cleverly syncopated to the drummed beat giving it the signature playfulness synonymous with Future Majesties.

The song is about a love unrequited; a young woman so deeply in love with her muse that she is prepared to do anything to have him by her side. As you listen to the song, and the singer confesses her commitment to “chasing” her lover, one shares in her appreciation for this person who torments her thoughts.

The irony does not only lie in the playful arrangement laced with the desperation in the vocal confession. But for the lyrical virtuoso, one cannot help but appreciate the double-entendre.

For examples when she says “you are on my mind racing through.” One has to wonder if this lover even exists, or is this person a figment of the singer’s imagination.  So the beauty of the song is in the fact that, when listening to the song, you start off wondering why the singer’s object of affection keeps running away.  But buy the end of the song, you find yourself wondering if the singer is indeed well, psychologically.

On “Chasing You” Future Majesties have definitely out done themselves, while Tamlyn G’s sultry execution is nothing short of brilliant; definitely worth the listen. Do yourself a favour and check it out.

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