Single Out: Mashabela Galane ft. iFani O Mo Rate

Single Out: Mashabela Galane ft. iFani O Mo Rate

So I caught a conversation on Power FM’s #PowerLunch between host Aphelele Msomi and Glenrose Ndlovu, author of “Marriages that should not hold.” And the questions was asked “what is marriage material?” And the answer: “Being marriage material is not about what you are, but what you are willing to be for someone else” – I paraphrase loosely.

I didn’t think much of it, until I stumbled across a song by Mashabela Galane ft. iFani called O Mo Rate, which makes this month’s feature on Single Out.

The song has a base-line that seamlessly teleports you to a time when 80’s soft rock was the order of the day; laced with some mad guitar riffs playing in metronome synchronicity to ragga-like beats. These carefully selected elements drawn from multiple genres produce a mellifluous arrangement which sneaks up on you like a fortuitous addiction.

On the lyrical front, the song does not disappoint. What with two critically acclaimed geniuses on the song, it would have been very difficult for these wunderkinds of the arts to mess it up.

Quite simply, Mashabela’s verse is a quintessential example of what can happen when one art form is transposed into another medium. He speaks of what one can do to demonstrate their love to their better half. Garnished with the well placed punchlines in that special way that only Mashabela knows how to deliver. The verse cajoles a typical yobbo lover to be more romantic. Simply saying there is nothing wrong with spoiling your lover.

Now iFani’s verse on the other hand sits on the other extreme of the romance spectrum. As he basically articulates the thoughts of the yobbo’s expectation of his partner. I kid you not. He actually says “uZivasa nini izitja? Zilinde bani imbiza?” (translated: when are you washing the dishes? Who are the pots waiting for?)

The genius in the composition is in the juxtaposition. Because if you line the verses up, the stanza’s actually sound like a conversation between two young men who have completely divergent views about a how to create a successful relationship. Better yet, different ideas on how to be “marriage material.”

Released in 2014 the song is available on iTunes, and to be honest I think it is a travesty that I have never heard this song on mainstream radio (and I listen to a lot of radio). I hope these two will get another chance to work together again on something else, their chemistry would be wasted, if it is not put to the test again.

Personally, I think the song is brilliant, been on REPEAT all week.  Best R7.99 I have spent all month.

Look it up, and take a listen.


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