Somizi Mhlongo is a legend.

Somizi Mhlongo is a legend.

Somizi Mhlongo is a legend.

If you need me to qualify that statement, then maybe you need to stop in your tracks and recognize a career which spans over thirty eight years of consummate professionalism.

There isn’t a single thing in the entertainment industry that Somzi Mhlongo has not done. From radio, to internet radio, to series and reality TV, to hit singles and covers like “Intandane” and “Current.” To acting on international movies opposite stars like James Earl Jones and Whoopi Goldberg. To choreography for every single one of the biggest events on the South Africa social calendar, Somizi Mhlongo has done it.  Not once but over and over again

Somizi Mhlongo with Khanyi Mbau

The only real reason one can demand qualification for calling him a legend, is if you believe that the word icon is more appropriate. And I certainly would agree to that.

At the 23rd edition of the South African Music Awards, Somizi Mhlongo brought down the gauntlet. With apposite easy and meticulous execution Somizi delivered a performance so spirited and intelligent; that a new standard was defined for hosting the biggest event on the South African music almanac.

He is reported to have brought 8 outfits, but only used 6, as 2 were a back-up. His fashion choices were, in his own words “bezi vithiza shem.” His sense of humour, which some may have thought was shade, helped cut the tension in the Sun City Super Bowl.

This being the first awards after the 90% local music rule was announced by the national broadcaster, and with the controversies overshadowing the Metro Awards results. The mood going into this year’s SAMA’s was loaded with pontification at best. But with Somizi’s wizardry, tension melted like sand in an hour glass.

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Actress and comedian Tumi Morake was there as a co-host. And although she held her own with class and distinction. Her presence was more like garnish on a culinary experience best served to

kings. Which left me with a thought. Surely the SAMA organizing committee could be best served if the next year’s anchor, co-hosts in this year’s event. This would definitely kill all manner of cold feet in the hosts first year. Just a thought.

Anyway, as I sum up.

Last week’s display by the Iconic Somizi Mhlongo was a pedagogic display of stamina for the stage, for a live audience and live televisions in a way that goes beyond the levels anybody could have anticipated. It’s a pity we stole the opportunity to celebrate this momentous occasion, by focusing on an apology that should have never have stolen the headlines.  And while SAMA 24 is twelve months away, one cannot wait to see what this genius of theatrical performance has in store to take his performance to a celestial level.

Congratulations Somizi, you deserve a whooooooo shem!

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