Single Out: Team Skorokoro with Pusha skorokoro koloi makhurumetja

Single Out: Team Skorokoro with Pusha skorokoro koloi makhurumetja


Arguably, Atteridgeville to Barcadi what Chicago is to House music. If Pretoria be the heart of this genre, then this hood is the first chamber through which this musical blood be pumping. I kid you not. Some might say I exaggerate ever so slightly. And they can be forgiven for that because true Barcadi-heads will argue that each Tshwanetorian hood can lay a rightful claim to this sound. Despite the fact that the differences are nuance.

You see unlike Joburg with Soweto, hoods in the nation’s capital do not lie adjacent to each other. As a result the process of cross pollination of sound is slow and many a-times unnecessarily painful. As DJ’s and producers hardly ever get the opportunity to work together.

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So Barcadi enthusiasts will hasten to tell you, that if the song has a bigger broken beat influence, then it must be from the East. You will remember Junior Taurus and Lady Zamar with “Mother of melodies”. If it’s very musical and is influenced by deep house then it must be from the North.

The home of Positive K, and Rhythmic Elements; ala Mapiano – need I say more. And if a song is largely influenced by EDM, then it is definitely from the West, the home of Sumbody’s Ayepyep, and Mojava and Township funk and Sheika Sbejebeje of Mogwanthi wa Pitoria fame.

Owing to their scattered origins, Team Bacardi/Skorokoro are a true example of what happens when backroom producers from different hoods come together to drop pinches of their collective influences into a single creative melting pot.

Dadaman, DruzaSkorokoro, Otto Malebene, Floyd Malabe, Pepe-la-Kudura are an ensemble from all corners of the city, working together has produced what is a unique fusion of sounds that is now labelled “Broken Barcardi’. A decidedly progressive mixture of sounds which still remains true to its character of traditional Barcadi elements. Namely a solo on keys, lyrics that are purposefully loaded with double-untenders, ambiguity, onomatopoeia and oxymoronic verbiage; while is anchored by a baseline that leaves you obsessive compulsive.

Cryptic as the lyrics may sound, the message behind the song is  quite profound. After a conversation with the gang on TrishyTrish’s night tie radio show Capcity Nites the explanation was like an epiphany. They say the song is inspired by the old Toyota Venture, owned by one of the guys, which they used to commute between hoods and home-based studios in the making of this and many other tracks. And what they are basically saying is; don’t pay people who are laughing at you about your car any mind. Just focus on your hustle and keep pushing, even if you might be using a “skorokoro” to achieve your dreams.

I was super excited to hear the song blazing on nation radio platforms recently. As has been the case for the longest times on the streets.

The song is available on SoundCloud and certainly going to set many parties alight for this festive season.



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