#SingleOut – Swani fanela

#SingleOut – Swani fanela

“I have found someone to talk to,
I have found someone to laugh with.
When I am with, Everything looks good on me.
Everything looks good on me.”

So I grew up in, Black Rock, in Saulsville, right next to Tshama-hansi. The Tshwanetorian hoi polloi call my hood, Bujumbura, because apparently it’s the wrong side of the traffic lights.

Anyway our back opposite neighbors had this thing of letting their backyard shack to Xistonga speaking lodgers, mostly from Mozambique. As you may or may not know, backyard real estate has been a critical part of most black household retirement planning. My grandparents did that too. It is probably the foremost reason for my multi-linguistic proficiency.

So most of these tenants would be security guards. And on the auspicious occasion of month end weekends coinciding with their time off. The blaupunkt speakers would be out and all you heard was Peta Teanat, Thomas Chauke, Shinyori Sisters and off course Paul Ndlovu for the Sunday soul session as it helped with the laundry.

I first heard the song playing on the radio on a visit to the local laundromat. And thanks to Shazam I discovered the #FillUpGiyaniStadium star Benny Mayengani track Swani Fanela.  Like the knots in my hair and the unmistakable shade of the eyeballs confirm my identity.

This song taken off his 2018 album Tintoma, is but one succinct reminder of my childhood home. When I drive around my hood with windows down, and this song kicking, kids stop the important matter of a football match, or washing a car to bust some moves.

The effect is very difficult to explain. Look up video clips of his #FillupGiyaniStadium event on YouTube, just to get a sense of what I am talking about. You have to see it for, it can only be felt.

And the best way to describe it is “eya tshela, jack!” I’m well aware this is not for everyone – but this song makes me so happy. I don’t know the man, but it makes me so happy that he is happy.

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