Day 2: Road trip in the East and West Cape

Day 2: Road trip in the East and West Cape

The second day started early. We got off to good start when we left Hanover by six am with hopes of breaking our fast in Beaufort West. The discussion got heated when we got into the subject of workplace leadership and how being demure can get costly, especially when a party gets wild. It was all well and good until the intersection of complex engineering concepts of pipe-laying, butt fusion, and ministerial protocols came into play.

By the time we got to Laingsburg the consensus was reached that perhaps pool parties should be reserved for executives. So that they can at least they can skinny dip in peace (the post doesn’t have enough characters for me to into that detail)

By the afternoon we had managed to stop for lunch at the Freedom Weekend Market, a restaurant nestled in the beautiful landscape of the Paarl. The place overlooks a lake complete with a family of swimming ducks. It boasts a charming look of the biker lifestyle.

They have a display of models from Harley Davidson, to  Ducati, to Yamaha hanging on the walls. Their menu features an assortment of burgers worth every penny. But my advice is, bring an appetite. Their portions are so enormous they will leave “shook.” If you ever go there ask for, Stacey the waitress who served us like royalty.

Asoka a Greek restaurant on Kloof Street, had us for dinner. What a vibe. With heads bobbing to some cool lounge music till the early hours of Sunday morning. DJ Cassim on the ones and two. Tylor had the generator lit as she served at our behest. We couldn’t ask for a cozier way to round off what was otherwise a fascinating day. A day about taxes, estate planning, and the protection of people who are not sound of mind. #obzevastory 

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