Somizi Mhlongo is a legend.

Somizi Mhlongo is a legend. If you need me to qualify that statement, then maybe you need to stop in your tracks and recognize a career which spans over thirty eight years of consummate professionalism. There isn’t a single thing in the entertainment industry that Somzi Mhlongo has not done. From radio, to internet radio, [...]

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Single Out: Caiphus Semenya’s classic – Matswale

AKA recently surprised his fans with another retro inspired classic titled ‘Caiphus Song’, the single takes motivation from Caiphus Semenya’s all-time classic – Matswale. On the song, AKA pens a message to his better half reflecting on some of the challenges they are dealing with in their relationship journey. The song delivers a laid back [...]

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#ObzevaBusinessWorx – Are you executive material?

So I used to work for an automotive manufacturer, and the plant had a day and night shift. The night shift ran with just supervisors while the day shift ran with management all the way to executives on site. Guess which shift was more productive and had the least amount of quality defects? The night [...]

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